5 next big things about Website Development in 2019

5 next big things about Website Development in 2019

Website Development in 2019 is the most important thing for the new generation of companies. Web development is turning every second being involved in the tech capital means working with the web as more and further applications and co-operation move to the web and cloud, web development theory is obtaining impulse. User expectations are increasing moreover it is more important than ever to develop better digital experiences to keep you updated with what is happening, we want to show you the top new 10 web development drifts that are happening!

1. Mobile Friendly Web Development

5 next big things about Website Development in 2019 Mobile visitors increasing every day on websites almost 80% of website visitors come from mobile or tab or android or iPhone devices so that is a big number of users if your Website Development is not responsive not google only ignore you even the user will not like to come again. It is time to make sure mobile development should be a major focus. The subject is now Changed to Seems your website work on mobile? It is: How does it work on mobile? 80% of internet users are owning mobile phones and they are using it for web viewing.in actuality the normal time spent on mobile devices is regularly growing and has gone up to over 5 hours each day, Google has begun providing more value to mobile-friendly websites Google–sponsored open-source plan has obtained ground with the support of top sites. Google AMP is intended to enhance the overall performance of web load and ads while improving website speed and user activity. So if you want to improve your website ranks in order to you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly no over scroll and plus scroll coming to the site which irritating to users once you make sure your website is responsive please test it on Browser stack and check on google responsive tool which allows you to check your website is responsive and how much size it has.

2. Progressive Web Apps

5 next big things about Website Development in 2019 what is exactly a Progressive Web? the idea goes back to 2015 in an article written by Alex Russell who is a Google engineer he outlined the requirements for progressive web applications. Since then, the whole industry has been working towards Progressive Web by integrating this into their browsers. So, Google Chrome supports it know and Edge will be supporting it in Redstone4 and, yes, even Safari is getting a version of it in 11.3, later on this year. In fact, the scrolling is better then a native app of Android which tells you a lot. Why does Google and Microsoft see this as the future of app development? Alright, I’ve talked about this more in the past before, but let’s rehash some of these ideas. Microsoft, back in build 2015, talked about this idea too that applications don’t have much longevity. That is, what are called long-tail applications. Things you launch on occasion. So, I’m not talking about your email app, necessarily, or things you launch everyday or heavy things like games. What we mean is, say you wanna order flowers or you wanna call up an Uber, these are nice to have as applications, but you’re not using them all the time. It gets real expensive to maintain these apps.PWA to be a big deal in 2019. Alright, so we hope you enjoyed that deep dive into PWAs.

3. Artificial Intelligence

5 next big things about Website Development in 2019 where is the world headed in the next years and what can you actually do about it we already have the technology to read the inner voice in your mind so imagine controlling your phone with your inner thoughts writing your report without a keyboard playing video games without a controller or walking into stores that already know what you need to purchase envision seeing of really fun on the off chance that we could reestablish somebody’s capacity to walk give a portion of the se what use of touch upgrade visual perception battle illness or changing DNA what happens when robots begin fabricating our homes conveying our news pouring our lagers and driving us home these are not precedentsof the far distant future these are examples of what is possible right now with artificial intelligence the pace of human progress is about to become not so human at all so how much is your world about to change a trend under we spend a lot of time thinking about this because we use an artificial intelligence big data and human researchers to help about 600 of the world’s leading brands billionaire SEOs and NASA to predict and create the future and so far we’ve worked on about 10,000 projects we’ve learned a lot of insight that we think could help you and that’s what we want to talk about today today we want to reshape the way that you think about your future so let’s do this are you ready when we dive into the super future there’s one particular category that jumps out a lot and if we was to tell you of all of our mega trends the one that you need to study much more deeply even if you don’t today the one that impacts you in every possible industry your life your kids it is artificial intelligence so I’m going to go a little bit deeper than we did last year and today I’m going to talk about what we call the AI mechanized future which is more specifically what happens when you start combining AI with interface mind-reading bioenhancement 3d printing sustainability and robots does that sound like fun okay and if it gets scary we always like to just put up some dancing robots so just so you know there’s some psychological decompression going on we hear the word AI and there’s a little bit of a misunderstanding there’s a couple things about it first of all we only say that if something is AI when it’s brand-new AI already exists and is prevalent our life and a lot of different ways from the recommendations when you swipe left or right to your entire newsfeed and how that nicely shows you just the things that align to your own political beliefs haha but if you really want to understand where our world is going there’s three terms you want to add to your cocktail vocabulary and basically that it’s to no longer just say AI but to think of a ni hei and a si so first of all we see AI already in a lot of different ways that you heard mentioned today in different keynotes there’s personal assistance there’s lawyers doctors autonomous drivers investors face or recognition all that wonderful stuff but it’s already been around for some amount of time already so we’re not going to get too deep in it because we’re I’m going to really be pushing in a super future is what happens in seven to 15 years from now when we reach artificial general intelligence artificial general intelligence is the idea that one system could actually do pretty much anything that a human could so it’s not having a specialist AI doctor over here or an AI lawyer over here that’s all a different robot it’s one system that you could almost interact with like a human that could help you in any potential way as we start to get smarter and try to think about how our systems are developed there’s one cartoon we saw that really helps articulate it the best and it said right now.

4: Real-time Web Apps

to build real-time web applications with features like Social Feeds multimedia chat collaborative editing multiplayer gaming or Website Development support for applications utilizing WebSockets means you not only get the benefits of a bi-directional full duplex communications protocol but you also get increased reliability and security with cloud flares DDoS protection and IP and Web Application Firewall the four WebSockets real-time web applications rely on third party plug-in solutions our HTTP polling requests with the prevalence of mobile devices tablets and wearables in today’s market third-party plug-in dependency is simply not an option polling solutions are not ideal either HTTP polling is where unidirectional HTTP requests and responses are sent between the client and the server sending HTTP requests and responses is just like sending a letter in the mail if the letter is your data the envelope you send it in is the HTTP header in order for polling to seem real-time requests are constantly sent to the server even if there is no new data to be sent back this dramatically increases your bandwidth usage you can think of polling like sending a letter through the mail where each new parcel waits for the postal service to come back and pick it up with HTTP polling each new HTTP request can only get picked up once a response from the previous request is received this introduces a lot of extra latency to your web application since the server cannot send any messages while it waits for a request WebSockets introduces a completely new and exponentially more efficient paradigm WebSockets is a full duplex bi-directional communications protocol that creates a single connection that remains open the result is that WebSockets can provide anywhere from a 500 to 1 to a thousand to one reduction in unnecessary HTTP header since the server no longer waits for a request and can simply push new data to the client tests have shown a three-to-one reduction in latency compared to polling solutions just like talking on the phone WebSockets enables your applications to engage in real-time bi-directional communications CloudFlare supports some of the largest web socket based applications in the world if you’re looking to accelerate your web app with a large global network enhance reliability with DDoS protection and increase security with our IP and Web Application Firewall you can learn more about using WebSockets over CloudFlare at CloudFlare comm forward slash


polymer is a project that allows you to create custom elements and so that’s reusable web components what’s cool about that is you can create your own custom element that works maybe like let’s say like a select list right you have a select list of to the select tag with an options inside of it and then the browser just knows how to handle that it takes care of default HTML it takes care of default JavaScript handling the way that when you click it it opens up and you don’t really think about this often because you just drop the select item into your project but that select item is created in something called the shadow Dom which is really the components beneath the component so what polymer does is it allows you to create your own web components essentially your own elements for your  website development now we strongly believe that this is part of the future of web development you’re gonna be able to create and share web components instead of maybe throwing in some embed code for YouTube or something like that you’re perhaps throwing in a YouTube element with maybe an attribute that passes in the idea of the video and it automatically grabs the video and brings all that HTML in there and knows how to handle it rather than having to copy and paste a whole bunch of code.

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